Activities in Tuxtla Gutierrez

Chiapas state’s capital offers the best natural places so tourists can practice peaceful tours in a family or romantic manner; also, you can take advantage of the perfect sites for extreme sports that challenge even the most fearless ones.


At the special reserve of the Ocote Biosphere, there are the botanical garden Dr. Faustino Miranda and the National Park Cañon del Sumidero, just to mention a few places around Tuxtla Gutierrez, tourists are able to find clean, quiet natural areas far from the hustle of a big city, also these are distinctive by allowing the visitor to co-exist with nature, the flora and fauna themselves are considered powerful attractions.

Within the state’s capital, the tourist can find parks options that are ideal for exercising, available for a simple jogging or spending a romantic day. The choices in the city are the Marimba’s Park, the Regional Zoo Miguel Alvarez del Toro and the Joyyo Mayu Park.

Rappel and Rock Climbing

On Tuxtla Gutierrez surroundings, the visitor can get into the adventure of exploring grottos at the top of Cotorras, the Chorreadero Waterfall and the Sumidero Canyon, where fancy geological formations and cave murals wait for the visitors. In order to access those places, the enthusiasts get to take a climb on rock or rappel between the waterfalls while appreciating the flora and fauna. The Del Sumidero Canyon reaches up to 1,300 meters high, turning it into one of the most challenging walls in the region for this extreme activity.

You can take treks that will lead you to tour amazing underground areas with cave murals, and to scout in stalactite caves or descending on rappel over the walls of one of the most spectacular canyons in the country.

River Rafting

One of the activities growing on popularity that is not practiced just about anywhere is the Rafting Activity. At the El Ocote Reserve there is a geological fracture the bottom features a water flow from both the affluent and mighty Grijalva River and La Venta River-Canyon; located 60 km away west the Chiapa’s capital.

This canyon also known as the Sacred Canyon features a water flow of 80 km long, which width decreases from 90 to 10 meters. As the walls gap narrows down, the flow’s pace increases, especially on rainy seasons, therefore the best time of the year to practice rafting is between the months of January and May. The challenge and the activity excitement along make of this journey an unforgettable experience.