About Tuxtla, Chiapas

As the capital city of Chiapas State, Tuxtla Gutierrez is the urban, political and economic center with many tourism options. This city witnessed the birth of the most internationally famous poet of Mexico, Jaime Sabines, who has his own cultural enclosure literary contests of great importance nationwide

Its weather is fresh almost during all year round, especially in the sierra’s southern region due to the abundant vegetation, height and environment humidity. The rivers Grijalva, El Sabinla, Suchiapa, Yatipal, Tera, San Agustin and Guadalupe stretch across Tuxtla Gutierrez. Within its gastronomy it is worth pointing out the pepita with tasajo, chipilin soup and other. Among its traditions it is common that visitors experience a series of costumes and traditions as well as local rituals.

Like all capital cities, Tuxtla Gutierrez is a very modern city but it also retains much of its tradition and history. Those who travel the city streets will find several surprises like: the San Marcos Cathedral, the Regional Museum, the Faustino Miranda Botanical Garden, the Convention Center, the Civic Plaza, the City Theater, the Youth Center, Joyyo Mayu Parks, Miguel Álvarez del Toro Zoo, Caña Hueca and the Chiapas Cultural Institute. The market is also an experience for your eyes, ears, and taste.

A warm city, by its people and climate, Tuxtla Gutierrez is a great combination of cultural wealth, natural beauty and modern infrastructure. Without a question visitors will have an unforgettable stay!